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Well, the proud parents were finally released with their bundle of joy at about 7:20pm Oct 25, 2005. Milan had Jaundice and we had to wait for his condition to improve. Drowsiness from this condition made for extremely long and tiring feeding sessions. We had to wait for the results of a 4pm blood sample and lucky for us, Milan was showing good positive improvements.

Here is the Proud family all packed and about to leave the hospital.


We would like to announce that our son, Milan Christopher Parekh Siano, was born on Oct 20, 2005 at 9:42pm.

Early that morning Maya's water broke 12 days early. After a long day of labor and several hours of pushing, it became obvious that little Milan (Pronounced MILL-an) was just way to excited to be born and got himself 'stuck' on the way out. An emergency C-Section was performed and Dr. Hendleman pried Milan out. Baby and mother are doing quite well, although Maya is going to take several weeks to recover.

Weight:    7 lbs.  3.5 oz.

Length:    20 inches

Here is our son:

Soon after delivery on the warming table ready to be checked out

Little Fussy from all the prodding

New mother holds her son for the first time.

Maya will be at Emerson Hospital in the Maternity Ward Room 320 until at least Tuesday Oct 25th.


Maya had her Baby shower on August 28. There was a request from those not able to attend to get a nice profile shot, so here it is:


OK, this MUST be Chris's kid. Seems he was uncooperative once again. On June 23, we had to return again for some followup Ultrasound work mainly due to poor pictures of the Kidneys. But, just to make the trip worth while (and to allow the Grandparents more download materal) we have some new shots. (No, these are not the Kidneys, and yes, Baby Siano has perfectly healthy ones.)

Here is his face. A little fuller than the last one. "Oh, looks like Alien pictures again."

And here is another profile shot.


Because the little bugger was so uncooperative during the Amnio and would not show the ultrasound technician all the pieces and parts she wanted to see, we had to go back in early June for the complete scan. This time, while active and making it difficult to get good stills of the important parts, he was in a much better position and the ultrasound tech was able to get the pictures she needed and take the measurements. We saw well developed hands and feet, spine, and ribs. We watched as all four chambers of his heart beat away at 140 beats per minute. All the other parts like liver, bladder, and brain are there too. We got a few shots of his profile, but this one seems the best. Maya thinks there is no way he has her nose.


The Amnio returned 'normal 46 XY', or they found a normal count of 46 chromozones and the telltale XY pair that told us we were going to have a boy.

IT'S A !!!!


On May 16, 2005 we went in for our amniocentesis but baby Siano was not being very cooperative for pictures. Maya was sure that it was Chris's kid at that point. However, we did get one blurry shot of the face. "I'm having an Alien!"


Our first ultrasound on March 16, 2005 showed little more than a blob, but a strong heartbeat was proof that there was a new life forming.

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