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IT'S A !!!!

We would like to announce that our son, Nikhil Christopher Siano, was born on May 16, 2008 at 6:15am.

Before midnight Maya was experiencing what felt like cramps. At 1:30am she woke Chris as they had become uncomfortable. By 4am they were on the way to the hospital. If it hadn't taken so long to get the required IV started (4 people and 7 sticks later) things would have happened even sooner than they did, but all in all, it was a quick session. Baby Nikhil (pronounced NE-keel, but call him Nick or Nicky for short) was born by C-Section within a few hours of our arrival. Both baby and mommy are doing well and mommy was on her feet for a moment before dark. Baby is taking to nursing well and has been an angel. Milan visited in the evening and saw his baby brother.

Weight:    6 lbs.  7.6 oz.

Length:    19 inches

Maya arrived in denial that she was having a baby, but in good spirits:

Here he is in his first moments:

After a litle cleaning:

Mommy sees her son for the first time:

Proud parents and newborn:

A few moments later on the scale:

The eyes open and he looks around:

Cute little tyke:

Kid's got some grip:

Less than a half hour after birth, Mommy and baby are reunited:

Maya will be at Emerson Hospital in the Maternity Ward until at least Monday May 19th.

Above images can be clicked for larger versions (warning - large)

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